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Helping you make a meaningful career transition so you can follow your passion

Discover Your Passion

Deep inside most people already know what they are passionate about, but they already convinced themselves it’s not possible for them.

Money Coaching

We all have the highest earning potential when our career is aligned with our passion. Only our limiting beliefs stop us.

Career Change

Find Your Passion

Money Breakthrough

You were meant to do something else

Deep inside you know it’s true, but not sure you are ready for a career change
Are you getting bored, frustrated or tired of your day job?
Wouldn’t you like your career to be something more creative and meaningful?
Did you lose hope that doing what you love can be lucrative?
Does the idea of a career change make you wonder where to begin?
Do you wonder if it’s possible to make the same money or even close to what you’re making now?
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have it all - a career you love and the financial freedom you deserve?

You Can Do What You Love

And also make good money doing it!
Excited about career change

Find Your Passion

Get clarity on what you want to do next in life

build a plan to achieve your new career goals

Build A Plan

Achieve your career change goals without breaking the bank

have a breakthrough around career change


Be successful and confident in your new career

Leave The Unfulfilling Work Behind

You Don't Have To Quit Tomorrow, But You Can Start With Career Change Plan

As we all know, too many people stay at the jobs they hate due to secure paycheck, comfort, and benefits. As a result, this, unfortunately, leaves them feeling empty, miserable and depressed. They dream of changing their careers and pursue their passion, but they don’t think their passion is lucrative. Some don’t even know what their passion is anymore, because they already convinced themselves they can’t have it.

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Ways You Can Pursue Your Passion

Depending on your personal needs, choose the program that speaks to you...
Career Change

Career Change

Discover your passion, create action plan and pursue your goals. All inclusive career program that includes job search and money coaching.

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New Job

Job Search

Simply need a new job as a transitional step to your dream career? No problem, I can help you build a strategy around that.

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Money mindset

Money Coaching

Have a breakthough in your relationship with money, learn how to charge your worth and earn what you deserve. Become financially free.

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Steps To Success

Reach your career goals by following these steps...
Career passion


Discover your passion and get inspired

research new career


Know and understand your market

Discover your patterns


Identify potential roadblocks and pitfalls

Brainstorm new career


Believe your dream is possible

Create a plan for your new career

Action Plan

Build a strategy and a marketing plan

Share your story


Share your money story and gain awareness

Set career goals

Set Goal

Be clear on what you want to do

How much money will you need

Set Priorities

Prioritize expances and finances

Money mindset


Re-evaluate mindset and be on your way to success

Past Clients Doing Work They Love

This Is What My Previous Clients Say...

“I had the joy of working with Katherine as part of my latest job transition. I had numerous ideas and she helped me organize them into a coherent job search. She identified that an entrepreneurial route would match my personality and helped guide me throughout my search. I highly recommend her to anyone exploring new opportunities or in any phase of the job hunt, interview, or negotiating process.”

Greg Prier, Solutions Architect

“Katherine was amazing to work with. Not only did she providesage advice at every turning point, she was available whenever Ineeded her. With Katherine’s help, I was able to navigate thewaters of transitioning jobs all while finding my dream job in anew city!”

Alex Bloodworth, Product Marketing Manager

I highly recommend Katherine, I was trying to join back workplace after 5 years and she helped me by giving the right tools to get back. She listened carefully to what I needed and pointed me in the right direction, gave me the right amount of push and encouragement to pursue my job plans.

Madhuritha Sayana, Software Engineer

I had been a freelancer for most of my 20 year career, working in non-fiction television and I wanted to transition into something more permanent. Thanks to Katherine’s guidance with my resume, her tips on building a professional looking LinkedIn page and her helpful suggestions on how to communicate with potential employers I landed a full time staff position at my dream job. I highly recommend Katherine to anyone looking to make a career change. 

Joshua Diaz, Features Producer

What Will Happen If You Choose to Stay?

We Usually Don't Thrive When We Are Too Comfortable

Many people choose to stay at less than fulfilling dead-end jobs for the sake of security and comfort. Unfortunately, security is an illusion and so is job permanency. The change will come at you whether you’re ready for it or not. People who are too comfortable and are not growing at their jobs are usually the first ones on the list to be let go during layoffs.


Career transition, as well as change, is a huge part of our lives. We constantly need to be growing in our careers, learning new things and making discoveries in our line of work and in ourselves. 


Therefore, if you are not thriving in your career, most likely things will not get any better. You may become more tolerant of the things you don’t like, such as new management, benefits cut-offs, higher job demands or feeling stale with little room for growth. At the end of the day, ask yourself this – was it worth it for you or could there be another way.


Do I need a career change?

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