Is Now a Good Time to Look for a Job?

While the world is going through a turmoil with the COVID-19 pandemic, it almost feels unrealistic to look for another job. Some of you out there have gotten laid off and don’t really have a choice. Others feel stuck at their old jobs they dislike, feeling like they should be grateful to have a job at all. The reality is, no matter what situation you are in, right now is a perfect time to start looking.

What do you really want?

Regardless of how many companies are currently hiring and what the job market looks like, it is never a bad time to start looking. True, you may not get a dream job offer today, next week or even in the next few months, but you can start planning now. Or, at the very least, you can start evaluating your current career. Think about what you really want and start planning.

I am a big advocate of not settling for just any job. There are too many dangers of settling for less than what makes you happy. One of them is being stuck at that job for much longer than you originally planned. Or you may choose to leave before you are ready when things get bad enough to drive you away. Unfortunately, the second choice may leave you desperate to look for another job under strict time limits.

We follow our dreams when we have nothing to lose.

When the economy took a dive in early April this year as a result of social distancing and businesses having to shut down, many people lost their jobs. However, we did not see as many frantic and desperate jobseekers out there as we expected. In fact, many of my clients wanted to talk to me about their future jobs and what they wanted to do next. My colleagues and friends shared with me that most of their new clients are currently employed.

This got me thinking. Of course, Maslow’s pyramid of needs! I made a presentation about this about six months ago and wrote a blog post about it. I spoke about how people stop pursuing their goals and dreams when they get too comfortable. Right now, people are not comfortable. And many folks out there feel like they have nothing to lose. Perhaps that’s what it really takes to go after your dreams and full potential.

Don’t settle for less.

Many companies out there are still hiring. Your dream job may not be open right now but one of your favorite companies may be looking. This next opportunity, at the very least, could be a steppingstone leading you to your dream job.

However, don’t apply to just any job for the sake of having a job and don’t accept any offer simply because it is better than not having a job. In fact, this statement may even be debatable. If you are compelled to accept the job that’s below your level simply because you want to help and support your community, there is no shame in that. But don’t accept it just because you feel desperate and need a job.

When most of our urgent needs are met, we may be ok for now. But if we don’t go after our ultimate dream, the one that involves personal growth, self-actualization and becoming our best version of self, we will continue to experience the nagging feeling that something is missing. At any point in your life you have a choice to take a chance and make that leap to keep pursuing your passion or continue to tolerate what you have. The choice is yours.

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