A 6-week Group Job Search Course

The next class will be starting September 24th.
6 Thursdays, 10 AM – 12 PM Pacific Time (1-3 PM Eastern)

Week 1: How To Create A Stunning Resume.

* How to create a beautiful resume without compromising ATS.
* We will go through each section of the resume.
* What’s important to keep on your resume and what recruiters and hiring managers pay most attention to.
* What has changed in the resume world, to ensure your resume doesn’t look outdated.

Week 2: How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile a Recruiter Magnet.

* Get recruiters find you easily on LinkedIn and reach out to you.
* Create a powerful personal brand with compelling headline, “about me” and other important LinkedIn sections.
* We will go over your entire LinkedIn profile and make sure you have all you need.
* What not to do on LinkedIn – don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

Katherine has very good resume writing skills, she encouraged me to think about important accomplishments I made in my previous role and helped me succinctly represent them in my resume. She also provided good guidance on how to use Linkedin for job search.

Laxmi Kasichayanula, Regulatory Affairs

Week 3: Job Search Strategies That Work.

* Continue exploring LinkedIn as a tool to build  your network.
* Gain more visibility on social media and attract potential employers.
* How to reach out to recruiters and hiring managers via LinkedIn.
* How to maintain and nurture professional relationships so job searching gets easier in the future.

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Week 4: Networking Your Way Into Your Dream Company.

* Hidden job market, how to navigate through it.
* How to build a reliable network that supports your job search.
* Tapping into other social media resources and attending virtual events.
* How to set up informational interviews with your target companies.

Katherine Bouglai is excellent to work with. She really helped address issues with my resume and deal with concerns I had around my age and long work experience. We spoke often about job prospects and she helped me maintain the appropriate level of confidence in preparation for interviews. I ultimately landed a great position….the best one I had on the table.

James Mitchell, Senior Manager.

Week 5: How to Nail Job Interviews and Get an Offer You want.

* How to answer common and behavioral interview questions powerfully.
* Amazon Leadership principles, behavioral interviews and answering using STAR format.
* How to work through discomfort when talking about money.
* Follow up letters and other job interview etiquette that can gain or lose credibility points.

Week 6: Laser Coaching and Q&A.

Katherine was amazing to work with. Not only did she provide sage advice at every turning point, she was available whenever I needed her. With Katherine’s help, I was able to navigate the waters of transitioning jobs all while finding my dream job in a new city!

Alex Bloodworth, Product Marketing Manager.

Program Investment $597