Katherine's Career Change Story

Learn more about me and how I became so passionate about a career change coaching

Katherine’s Career Change Story

My career change journey began in 1992 when I immigrated to the United States from Russia. Being in a new culture I had no idea how to pursue a career or look for a job. I had to learn those skills very quickly. So I learned how to create a successful resume, how to get interviews, how to behave in an interview or what to expect.


At the turn of the century, I moved to California where I had my 10-year successful but unfulfilling career in visual effects. Though I loved the glory of it and I enjoyed the creativity of working on films, over time I burned out from high production demands and I realized my true passion lied elsewhere.


After getting laid off from her last visual effects job in 2013, I did some soul searching and discovered the true value of being passionate about your work. I also realized that it was my lack of passion was what led me to a pink slip. I no longer wanted to be an average employee who sticks to the job for a paycheck. It was time to do something I truly cared about, it was time for a career change.


I started off my new career as an outplacement career coach, helping people affected by layoffs find new jobs. Sometimes I coached up to six or seven individuals per day on resume writing, career direction, interviewing and other relevant skills. I was natural at it and I loved it! But most importantly I learned a great deal from my interactions with people – their psychology as it relates to career, reasons for career choices people make and different mindsets they have about how they should be making money.


I was shocked to discover that close to 85% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs and my mission is to change this statistic for the better. That’s why I started Blossom Career. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy with what they do for a living. And I am here to create more happiness, joy, and satisfaction in the workplace.


Don’t forget to check out my recent presentation below. It talks about 5 reasons why we lose interest in our jobs over time.  This is what I discovered after working with hundreds of individuals looking for new jobs.


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