Past clients who transformed their careers after working with me

After an unexpected layoff, I found myself drowning in the foreign world of Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles and HR.  As an Engineer, my expertise lies in having deep technical knowledge, not in the proper structure of a resume summary statement.   Katherine was the first person I thought of to help me navigate through this situation.  I had met Katherine a year prior when going through a company sponsored career transition workshop.  Katherine was the first career coach I felt comfortable working with.  I was looking for someone I could easily work with, but also who had a solid grasp of the intricacies of searching for a new career opportunity. Katherine is attentive, thoughtful and very easy to talk to.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a change in their career and would like an expert to coach them through the process.

Chris Keeser

Firmware Engineer at Facebook

Katherine helped me through every stage of application and interviews. We went over my resume and she recommended many changes which gave it a better flow and made it more visually appealing. She helped me with behavioral questions and conducted a mock interview for me, after which she gave me multiple simple and actionable feedback. When I told her that I needed some help with mock technical interviews, she went out of her way to dig up meetups and other interview prep sources near my location. She really exceeded expectations on this one. She gave me good tips on leveraging Linkedin to find jobs and was always there with good advice through the highs and lows of my job search.

Vaibhav Bora

Software Engineer at Microsoft

Katherine was there to guide my thoughts and encourage me to explore my passions and interests in ways that I would have been too afraid to do only by myself. Working with her has been like having a personal ally to really challenge the assumptions and constraints that I was placing on myself. The real magic is that I was doing the work and figuring out what it is I wanted to do; Katherine was my constant cheerleader and advocate while I processed the change in my life. Now, I am well on my way to starting my own business building on my knowledge, life experience, and personal values. While it is definitely a challenge, Katherine is still there to help me reframe my perceived obstacles as opportunities for success. Now, I feel energized because I am pursuing something I am passionate about. If you are looking to make a career change or facing similar challenges, I highly recommend working with Katherine.

Wright Harrison

Entrepreneur and Owner of Green Being

I had the joy of working with Katherine as part of my latest job transition. I had numerous ideas and she helped me organize them into a coherent job search. She identified that an entrepreneurial route would match my personality and helped guide me throughout my search. She is good at politely suggesting a slight change of approach when needed and put me at ease. She helped prep for the interviews and organize my thinking around my offer. I highly recommend her to anyone exploring new opportunities or in any phase of the job hunt, interview, or negotiating process.

Greg Prier

Test Lead at HERE Technologies

Katherine Bouglai is excellent to work with. She really helped address issues with my resume and deal with concerns I had around my age and long work experience. We spoke often about job prospects and she helped me maintain the appropriate level of confidence in preparation for interviews. I ultimately landed a great position….the best one I had on the table.

James Mitchell

Senior Manager

Katherine was punctual, open to discussion, very good resume writing skills, she encouraged me to think important tasks that I did in my previous role and helped me how succinctly I can represent in my resume. Provided good guidance on how to use Linkedin for job search.

Laxmi Kasichayanula

Senior Regulatory Affairs

Katherine is a great career coach! I definitely recommend her. She asked me when we first spoke what areas I wanted to focus on, and she ensured those topics were addressed thoroughly and to my satisfaction. She is constructive and offers solid advice. Thank you!

John Nagel

Business Communications Associate

My coach, Katherine was amazing. She went above and beyond to address my challenges and boost my confidence. She was very professional, honest, positive and encouraging. I could not have asked for a better coach during a stressful transition from one coast to the next.

Krystal McLear

Pharmaceutical Sales Manager

I highly recommend Katherine, I was trying to join back workplace after 5 years and she helped me by giving the right tools to get back. She worked with me , and listened carefully to what I needed and pointed me in the right direction, following her advice has worked for me , I did most of the stuff she recommended and may be doing everything she said would have got me even better opportunities. She gave me the right amount of push and encourage to pursue my job plans, because I had a lot going through, I just moved and was managing 3 kids and hadn’t worked in 5 years but I landed a job in approximately the amount of months Katherine said, so she definitely knows the market and knows what she is doing.

Madhuritha Sayana

Software Design Engineer at Microsoft

I had been a freelancer for most of my 20 year career, working in non-fiction television and I wanted to transition into something more permanent. I was connected to Katherine and she was extraordinarily helpful. She guided me through the process of transforming my resume to something that fit in with the corporate style of the jobs I was applying to. Thanks to Katherine’s guidance with my resume, her tips on building a professional looking LinkedIn page and her helpful suggestions on how to communicate with potential employers I landed a full time staff position at my dream job. I highly recommend Katherine to anyone looking to make a career change.

Joshua Diaz

Features Producer at GoPro

Katherine was amazing to work with. Not only did she provide sage advice at every turning point, she was available whenever I needed her. With Katherine’s help, I was able to navigate the waters of transitioning jobs all while finding my dream job in a new city!

Alex Bloodworth

Product Marketing manager

Katherine was great to work with! She is friendly and down to earth but still very professional. She helped me greatly in updating my resume and exposing me to a wide range of interview questions / scenarios.

Meagan Meadows

I cannot thank you enough for connecting me with Katherine Bouglai. Katherine’s assistance, advice, and calm presence made my – and my family’s transition – from Kansas City to San Francisco as smooth and easy as possible. Katherine offered critical support to me as I adjusted to a new place and found my way back to my career through developing my own consulting business. Her advice regarding networking, outreach, and the minutiae of buildin one’s own business built my confidence and allowed me an outlet to air my concerns in a safe place. Many, many thanks, Katherine! I look forward to reconnecting again in the future!

Sarah Guenther

Katherine was very helpful getting me engaged in the job seeker process. She was always available for questions and helped me build a professional resume. I could not have asked for a better partner in this process.

Lubov Yarova

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