Know when it's time to quit your job

8 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job.

Can you think of a relationship in your past where you have stuck around for far too long? The relationship has stopped working a long time ago, yet you still couldn’t find the courage to leave. It is in our human nature to resist the change and fear the unknown. So we stay with it and tolerate it until it gets so bad that the idea of any change feels like a light at the end of the tunnel. Because nothing could possibly get worse than what there is. This happens a lot in our careers. We get stuck at a job we hate and tolerate it, so afraid to quit our job. This is how we hear about 60% of Americans who hate their jobs.

Understandably so, it is silly and even reckless to leave a job. After all, we all need to pay our bills. Sometimes getting your bills paid is not even an issue. Psychologically and morally we are programmed to believe that we have to work and have a job, no matter what. Even when the job is draining us physically, morally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So why do we stay? And, most importantly, how do we know when to quit? Let’s explore some of the warning signs so that we know what to watch out for. And feel free to take it with a grain of salt.

You dread going to any company meetings.

Ok, if you are really busy and trying to meet a deadline, you’re excused. But this is not what I’m talking about. When you feel like most meetings, gatherings or training courses at work are a waste of your time and you would rather stay at your desk to check your Facebook status, that’s a good sign there is a better place out there for you to be.

It’s been years since you’ve asked for a raise.

And when you finally worked up the courage to talk to your boss about it, your request was outright dismissed. This is not really about money. You are being underpaid, which could lead to resentment, a drop in performance or both.

Seeing your direct supervisor makes your stomach twist in a knot.

I know, this may sound extreme, but it actually happens more often than we realize. Your relationships at work can make all the difference in the world for you. A healthy and supportive work environment is crucial to your well-being.

You spend yet another day browsing the internet… looking for nothing in particular.

Enough said…Time to think about quitting your job and look for something that actually inspires you.

It’s 8 pm and you’re getting ready to go home after a long day of work.

Then, on your way out the door you hear a comment: “Going home early today? Ok, since this is your first week, I will let it slide by for now.” This actually happened to me at one of my short VFX gigs which made me think it was time to quit my job and start thinking about another career.

Your friends and family members are really sick of you complaining about your work.

Seriously, why would you do this to them? If you are unhappy about anything, you know, you CAN change it. Or would you rather keep complaining about it?

You start getting some unusual yet alarming health issues.

Sometimes when you are not kind to yourself or respectful to your own boundaries, your body will find a different way to let you know enough is enough. Though, this doesn’t always mean it’s time to quit your job. Sometimes it is a matter of letting your boss or co-workers know where your limitations are.

You wake up in the morning seriously thinking about using a sick day.

Then it dawns on you that you don’t have any sick days left. And you have yet to be sick this year.

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