Get paid what you are worth

Why It Is Important To Be Paid What You’re Worth

In this article, I will talk about earning and getting paid your worth. Most importantly, why it is so darn important to ask for what you want and not settle for less. Most people dread asking for money and many try to avoid this conversation as much as possible. We often fear rejection and criticism, and we don’t want to risk losing what we have.

I believe your career is not about your paycheck. It is about giving yourself, your passion and your creative energy to the cause you really care about. And in exchange, getting generously compensated for the value you bring. This is not about money or the cost of living in your city or paying your bills and buying nice things on top of that. It is about your value and your worth. Let’s look at some possible issues with underearning.

Money is energy.

Lack of money will often make you feel drained and overspent. Every time you give your best, your energy needs to be replenished so you can continue giving your best. Being paid what you’re worth keeps your energy levels up. Doesn’t it make you want to work harder when someone offers you a nice chunky check? You get energized, excited and motivated to do your best. You strive for success!

Underearning breeds resentment.

You may feel fine in the beginning about earning less when you are starting out and looking to gain knowledge and experience. Money may not even be a priority during that stage. In fact, you may not even know that you are getting underpaid. However, after a period of time, low pay will affect your attitude and your performance. If you are a strong believer in work ethic, you may still perform your job duties diligently, but will you be genuinely happy? Will you be excited to come to work every day, pouring your heart and soul into it? Will you still believe in your company being the best to work for if they are not paying you enough? That’s why it is very important to ask your boss for a raise at least once a year.

When you accept lower pay, you are lowering your value.

I know, it is scary out there and you may think you need a job now, so you can pay your bills. Your finances may not look as bad as you think, but maybe you feel worthless without a job, so you go for it. Guess what? A few months down the road your bills will get paid and you will feel whole again. But you will be faced with a different set of problems – a job that makes you unhappy because it doesn’t pay much.

In the end, this is not about money, it is about self-worth. It takes a lot of courage to negotiate your starting salary, raise your prices or talk to your boss about your pay, but it will make a huge difference in your professional and personal life. Getting paid what you’re worth motivates you to work harder and show up as your best self. It keeps your passion alive.

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