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Your DISC Personality and Your Career.

In my previous blog posts, I talked about the Six Pillars to a Thriving Career. The Six Pillars are what we need to have to be happy and thrive in our careers. They are pretty much universal for everyone. We all need to feel passionate about what we do, bring value, grow, enjoy our work environment, get paid our worth and have our work schedule support the lifestyle we want. However, our individual needs are very much different. This is where your DISC personality style comes in to play.

We don’t always know what we want.

Most people know when they are unhappy with their jobs, but they don’t always know why. Some things can be obvious, such as poor management, low pay, or high job demands that require constant overtime work. But sometimes we don’t know exactly what bothers us because we don’t know who we are.

Having a job often feels more important than trying to analyze if this job is good enough for you or what else you could be doing instead. When we don’t know what we want to do, we often stick with what we think we should be doing. And, since there aren’t many people out there you can safely talk to about how you really feel about your job, you stop thinking about it. Your job eventually becomes an autopilot.  

What is DISC?

DISC is a behavioral assessment test used by many companies to determine your unique strengths and personality style.

“D” stands for dominance. People who are predominantly “D” are direct, energetic and results focused. They are passionate about results and achievements and they will thrive in a fast-paced work environment. Growth and value are extremely important to them and they are unlikely to stay with a company that doesn’t offer them enough growth opportunity. On the other hand, they are more likely to tolerate an abusive boss and poor work environment.

“I” stands for influence. “I”s are also energetic, outgoing, innovative, but far more people oriented than “D”s. “I”s are highly emotional and will not tolerate a manager they don’t like. Work environment is probably one of the most important pillars to them. Value is essential too, however “I”s see value differently than “D”. While “D”s measure value by success and achievement, “I”s define it by how they make other people feel.

“S” stans for steady. When you meet someone working for the same company for ten or more years, this individual is more likely to be an “S.” These people are very patient and tolerant, they usually go with the flow and they don’t like change. They are great listeners, often making others feel at ease. “S”s rarely run away from poor work environment. Instead, they stay and make it a better place to be by bringing order to chaos.

“C” stands for conscientious. “C”s are very analytical and detail oriented. These are the types of people who will notice every typo and grammar error in a document. They make great investigators, scientists, engineers, and editors. They thrive in an environment which requires minimal people interaction and lots of data analysis. Their idea of value is high accuracy with minimal errors or discrepancies.

How can DISC personality assessment help.

Having a better understanding and perspective about your work situation or what happened can do miracles. Not only will it make a difference for you in your career, but it will also do wonders for other people you end up working with. You will be able to recognize and choose your ideal work environment because you know what’s important to you. And, you will also be able to transform your existing work environment because you will understand what’s important to your co-workers.

Regardless of what your DISC type is, you bring value to the table in your own unique way. Knowing your DISC style will help you understand your own value and give you confidence in job search. It will also help you understand your own needs and preferences, so you know exactly what to look for in your next job opportunity.  

Katherine Bouglai is a career transition coach and the founder of Blossom Career. She works with professionals in technology who have recently lost their jobs and are looking for successful career transition. Her specialties include career change, resume development, job search strategies, job interview preparations, offer negotiations and other related skills.

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  1. Your article is extremely enlightening. My dad is having a lot of conflicts with his workers at his business. He is considering the DISC personality tests during the hire. I believe it is best for both employee and employer. If the worker can have more knowledge about their own work situation, they can make more informed choices. Being able to understand our co-workers could also go a long way.

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